long distant road

new campaign

from this point on this will be about the new campaign im starting. its going to be a longer on than normal, but i hope you guys will really like it. im looking for a small group of rather serious role players but i promise it will be fun. you will be able to do almost anything. please check this with in a few days after the session because i tend to update just the recap the same night, and ill put up notes over the week. see you guys later

day 1

alright, not bad for the start. heres a recap of what happened today; started the campaign right after kyle’s in which a flood destroyed the world, leaving zero land left for people to well walk on… sailing on your boat, what seems to be months after the now great flood, your crew came to the knowledge of an outpost north west two days travel from your location, while traveling there the party was attacked by a Aboleth Mage (Monster Manual 1 pg.9) after defeating that party continued north west till they found another boat, at first looks it was empty, but looks can be deceiving, and the crew was found to be now zombies, along with the captain. after the genocide of the zombie crew the party finally made it to the outpost, they found it had few basic supplies and still, a fully operational bar. after hearing word of Sorcerers being able to raise a lost castle back to sea level, the party attempts to head due west, where reports have indicated its location, only to be attacked by three Planetar Angels. the session ended with the party killing and looting the angels.


this campaign will be starting right at the end of kyle’s campaign.

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