the campaign will start at level 5, either use a 37 point buy in, or roll up your stats (please tell me which) and have a background for you PC because they are not “new” to adventure.

Hey guys, This campaign will be starting soon enough. so here are some house rules, because everyone needs more rules on top of the rules;

1. If you can’t go to one of the sessions, try to let me know in advance.

2. As far as characters go, any race that isn’t one of the basic ones may be okay, but i must approve of it before we start playing, same goes for class and for any prestige class.

3. There will be a good level of role-playing involved with this game, so act accordingly.

4. I would like to see your character prior to playing, so either have an extra copy for me or give me the link to an online sheet like or whatnot.

5. If you have a question about anything just ask.

from this point on this will be about the new campaign I’m starting. its going to be a longer on than normal, but i hope you guys will really like it. I’m looking for a small group of rather serious role players but i promise it will be fun. you will be able to do almost anything. please check this with in a few days after the session because i tend to update just the recap the same night, and ill put up notes over the week. see you guys later

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